Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm a bad mom and just little late to the crunch party

Okay so the bad mom thing.  Tuesday I took Audrey to the doctor.  I had to run to pick her up and then run to doctor's office.  There was no time for lunch.  After a good doctor's visit (I think we have finally found a decent doctor!), I was starving and needed to return to work so I decided to eat on the run.  It is almost impossible to eat on the run and be wheat-free.  I broke down and bought a hamburger.  To be very honest it was so good!  I have missed bread and sandwich items the most.  Audrey did okay that night.  Her eczema did flare up but no screaming!  I got lucky and then I got stupid. 

My mom made homemade flour tortillas on Friday.  It had been like 4 years since I had had my mom's tortillas!  I had to have one.  What could one little tortilla do?  God did I pay for that tortilla.  I let Audrey have a bite, literally one baby bite, of a tortilla and ate the rest.  Audrey was a bit sluggish that day but nothing too extreme but that night.  DH and I put Audrey to bed but as DH rocked her Audrey began to scream.  She was asleep but would suddenly scream.  My poor baby was in pain from the wheat.  I had honestly forgotten just how bad the allergy reaction is.  Once Audrey was finally able to rest, DH had to hold me while I cried.  I am a bad mom.  I know the allergy is there and I know that I have to be wheat-free but I ate it anyways.  She was in pain because of me.  That is the definition of a bad mom.

On another topic, I finally made and am using cloth wipes!  I found a great deal on french terry cloth at Hobby Lobby, 50% off!  So I bought 2 yards and cut my wipes out, so far I have made 26 and still have 8 more to make.  They are 6X9 with the wrong sides sewn together.  They were super easy to make and I found a great site for wipe solutions and mixed up a batch of Lavender 'n' Tea Tree.  For once Audrey isn't running from the changing table.  We are using them to clean her face too.  So far so good!  I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Wow! I didn't know that allergy was so painful..
    I got cloth wipes for making a clothdiaper purchase but I'm not sure!.. como que no me atrevo! so any comments would be great!