Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Store Brand Formula

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So I'm sure your are wondering why a Lactiavist, La Leche League member, and proud breastfeeding mom is talking about formula.  Well it comes down to this, I think all women should research anything they are choosing for their children.  So if you decided that formula is right for you, then you chosen the right formula for your child.

Now I think that it is unfair for moms to be given formula at the hospital.  I mean whether they mean to or not, it is basically an endorsement by the hospital/doctor/staff of whatever brand they place in a mom's hand.  I mean if the doctor gives it to me it has to be the best, right?  Even I was given formula by my pro-breasfeeding doctor!  Formula samples are everywhere.  So with so much free name-brand formula how is a mom to really chose the best thing for their child

I don't endorse formula.  I don't use formula.  But I will say this, from my research, store-brand formula and name-brand formula is the same thing.  Even a U.S. Circuit Court upheld a $13.5 million false advertising claim against Enfamil maker Mead Johnson basically for claiming that Enfamil was better than store-brand formula.  So it is legal precedent that store-brand and name-brand are basically the same.  Here is what the judge said:

“As the litigation history of the parties demonstrates, despite having twice been restrained from disseminating misleading advertising, Mead Johnson [maker of Enfamil] continued to do so,” Circuit Judge Andre Davis wrote. “PBM [company that brought suit/formula maker] cannot fairly compete with Mead Johnson unless and until Mead Johnson stops infecting the marketplace with misleading advertising.”

The court found that Enfamil’s advertisements of superiority to store brand formulas were false and misleading because store brand formulas offer the same nutrients at the same levels as Enfamil.  So name-brand has better advertising not a better product. Think about it, when was the last time you saw an ad for store-brand formula.  Now think about the last time you saw one for name-brand.  I'm watching TV now and can't get away from formula ads. 

So basically my take is this: research.  Don't let the free sample sway you.  Don't let the TV ads sway you.  If store-brand and name-brand are basically the same then save those hard earned pennies.  There is no reason to pay the extra money for a fancy name.

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  1. Absolutely! they are the same but with a different label..

  2. I know! Why do people think the label means so much?

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