Sunday, July 22, 2012

The 40hr working momma

So two weeks ago I had the opportunity to cover for the other secretary and worked all day. I pulled 40 hrs and let me tell you at the end of this all I was really wondering how I use to do it every week. I felt like I never saw Ravebaby the whole week. I would get up go to work come home for lunch and go back to work and then home by 6:30. Nothing hard or anything that I hadn't done before but since I stopped working full time back in March it was the most time I had spent away from Ravebaby.

I hadn't realized how much I missed by working full time. I missed so much by working full time for those first two years and I thank God for the chance to try to make up for the lost time. I've been looking at full time jobs. Wondering if I should go back. Wondering if the next to nothing bank account means that I need to go back. After the 40 hr week I'm just going to have to buckle down cook and not spend money. I make enough to cover the bills and in the end we okay. I know Ravebaby doesn't care about money. I know she wants time with me. Right now God is giving me the chance to give my child what she actually needs and that is what matters. Are there things I would like to buy? Yes but material stuff won't bring any closer to my goal of being a good mom so it time to buy less crap and spend more time on the family.

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