Monday, May 13, 2013

#Mamavation Monday: Overwhelming

Yesterday I decided to put all of my summer classes into my calendar. I had done that for my last masters program and I found it really helped me make decisions and for planning. I had seen the dates in my information but going from a list to putting them on my calendar made it super real and super overwhelming. I have class every Friday in June. I have two Saturdays in June. In July I have the the first weekend off (for the 4th) and then I have every Friday and two Saturdays. My Fridays will be noon til 8:30pm! That is a long time to be in class!

Since I stopped full time over a year ago, I haven't really spent that much time away from Ravebaby. I know the schedule will be a huge change for her. I am also debating my work schedule. Right now it is m-f 9-2, so not too bad but my program is in the next town over so Fridays will basically be a wash for work. It also means only Sundays with my family. At this point I am just not sure how to pay for my degree, the gas to drive up there nor the car that I will need since right now DH and I just share one.

Here is the thing, I am overwhelmed but at peace. The ultimate, if God will lead you to it then he/she will lead you through it. I know I will have resolution and everything I need. I know Ravebaby will adjust and DH will be supportive but looking at my calendar and seeing zero free weekends is scary.

I have decided to try working in walking at my current job. Today my co-worker and I got in a half-mile. Not too great but in the Texas sun after a couple of months of sitting on my butt I think it is okay. I have also put my foot down with DH. We must work out. I need to stress relief. It is amazing to me how much better I feel, how much more at peace. So I gotta keep it up!

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