Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm dropping the band and keeping the bass

If you have ever watch Wonderfalls then the title is a take one of the episodes.  Anyways I've left the band.  It was a difficult call to make but I feel so much better now that it is out there.  It is hard to describe exactly what happened but in the end, I just wasn't comfortable being at practice.  Honestly I should have dropped out about three months ago but the timing just seemed wrong. 

This is one of those when do you let go sort of things.  I was happy being in the band intially.  I loved being in a band and the thrill of being on stage but when you don't feel safe being in the safe space as someone else then it's time to move on.  I hated to let go.  I knew there would be no going back but why tip toe around issues?  Beside this way hopefully the band will continue and I'm so busy on my Mission Pass Minimum Skills and dissertation is on the horizon that leaving was the best option.  I could air dirty laundry but what would be the point?  Talking to the wrong people about personal issues is why I stopped feeling safe in the first place.  The only thing to say in the end is that it is difficult to field Gymgirl's questions about why we haven't been to band practice and how she misses seeing everyone.  I'll take the blame since everyone seems to want to hand it to me in the first place.  Who knows maybe it was all my fault but given all of my studies and life experience I think there was more than one party blame.  Well anyways, I'm dropping the band and keeping the bass, for now at least.

Picture is from our last gig.

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