Monday, June 15, 2009

Snoopy, my doggy child

I know it seems strange for me to blog about my dog on a blog about getting ready for my baby but Snoopy has been a big part of my journey in getting ready for an actual human child.
Today is the 2-year adoption anniversary of my Snoopy. The day I found Snoopy in the Piedmont Shopper was my last day at Kirkman Park. After a horrible 2-year stint at KP, I was finally going to be free! I had finally finished my MLIS, my 90 min daily commute to High Point was finally going to be over and we had a house with a fenced yard so it was time for a dog. Ray and I had both grown up with dogs and missing having one but as long as we were in an apartment we knew it would be unfair to get a dog. Dogs need room to run and play. Anyways, the Piedmont Shopper comes out every Thursday and the online edition would post at noon every Thursday so on-line I went. There was an ad for a Cavelier King Charles mix 15-months old so I called. I was the first person to call and I could offer a fenced yard so he was ours if we wanted him.
I called Ray and asked him to meet the dog. If Ray was okay with the dog then I know I would love him. Well once I arrived to meet the dog, Ray was set that Snoopy was ours. Me, I didn't like him so much at first. He was super excited! He was trying to jump on me and I wasn't sure if he would ever calm down enough to be a nice dog. But we took him home and he immediatly became my child. Snoopy changed me in ways that I didn't know I needed to change. I could no longer just pick up and go away for the weekend, I had to think of Snoopy. I remember the first time we were going to leave him alone, Ray and I were both in a panic! Do we leave him inside? Do we leave outside? What if it rains!
I know that Snoopy is not a child. He is a dog. A wonderful dog that I just can't image my life without. But I think he has helped change some of my selfish ways and I think that has gone a long way to getting me ready for a child. I know my life is going to change in ways I can't even image right now. I know that dogs and children are not the same thing but Snoopy completely changed my life for the better and I know that I'm going to be a better mom since I was able to "practice" on him.

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