Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When do you have to be responsible?

I have a difficult choice to make. I can either go home to Texas and see my parents, it's been over a year since I've been to Texas and seen the parental units, or buy new windows for the baby's room. There is the part of me that wants to be a responsible parent and buy the windows. With the baby due in December, I know new windows will be needed. Honestly we need to redo the whole house but I have just enough money for the two in the baby's room, right now. But also as a child, I miss my mom. I'm pregnant, feeling alone and a bit scared and I want my mommy. If we don't take the chance to go now, it could be close to two years before we have the chance to make the trip to Texas. I know my mom will try her hardest come up and help once the baby is born but that in December. That's a long time from now. Truly I'm torn.
Be a child and see my mom or be a parent and get new windows for the baby?

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  1. seeing your mom will make you feel sooooooooo much better! those windows will still have time to be taken care of. the mental health and emotional happiness of the mommie to be is vitally important to the developing bud. so see your family. the windows will get down.