Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby Bud is moving!

Well I've been feeling Baby Bud move! It was a little confusing at first. I first felt the movement about a week ago. It felt like three quick knocks. Since then I was thought Bud was just resting but I had noticed a lot of gas bubbles, well basically I'm stupid. I had read in my baby books that the baby's movements can feel like butterflies or gas bubbles. Well my dumb self just realized Friday that maybe it wasn't gas but in fact Baby Bud. Since then I've been paying attention and realized that it is baby movement!
It feels so strange! Ray asked me what it feels like and the best way to describe it is like something scratching me on the inside. It doesn't hurt, yet. Just feels like butterflies. We go to the doctor on Friday and have another ultrasound! I can't wait but I do hope that the technician won't spill the beans on Bud's gender.
I also had my first baby shower today! I really had fun! I had been missing my friends and today we got to hang out and talk with Robyn, who is going to get married on Saturday. Talking with Robyn reminded me of when I was getting married. It doesn't seem like that long ago but come December it will be 8 years! It was nice to reflect on the beginning of my marriage now that Ray and I are on the verge of parenthood. I have to admit I never thought it would take 8 years for us to have a baby of our own but as usually, if you trust in God you will always be given what you need if not always what you want.

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