Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me and my Moby

Well yesterday was the first time I wore my Moby wrap. I felt like a total Earth-Mother. My wrap is beautiful. It's chocolate brown with a tan butterfly on the front. I have been using a Front-to-Back rider but it felt so industrial. I had my daughter on my chest but there was so much fabric and material between us, she may as well have been in a stroller.
The Moby wrap was different. I could feel her and her body heat. She could grab on to my shirt and feel me. Wraps are totally the way to go. It felt like I was connected to my daughter rather just having her hanging off of me. It was a nice feeling especially since we were at Ash Wednesday mass. The whole mother-daughter connection just felt so special. I'm looking forward to wearing Audrey more. I'm thinking I might need more wraps too, just for variety. I'm not a totally skilled baby-wearer yet but I'm finding that learning the skill is going to be essential in my development as a mom.

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  1. I cant agree more on how these baby slings and moby wraps come in really handy when moving around anyplace....comfort and care altogether !