Thursday, September 16, 2010

Real Men

So the other day on I read an article entitled "Real Men Co-sleep."  It was interesting.  I like that the father was trying to pin down what a real man is.  That a real man is a man that tries to be a good dad.

Back when I was working as a teacher on the detention home I heard a guard tell a kid that he considered him a man since he had a kid.  Does the ability to reproduce make you a man?  Does having sex make a boy a man?  I think we are suffering from a real lack of real men in our world.  If we had more examples of real men then we would have less punks out there making babies and running away.

DH is working late a few nights a week now.  It really makes me appreciate when I have him around.  I can't believe that there are women that do it alone.  It is so hard just for a few hours.  I'm glad I have a real man by my side.  I'm glad my dad stood up and showed me what a real man was so that could spot one.  Where have all the real men gone?  I know there are some out there.  My friends seem to be catching the last few.  I hope my Audrey will be able to find one when her time comes.  

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