Sunday, January 23, 2011

Does she sleep thru the night?

No she does not. That is the answer to the number one question I'm being asked at the moment. Does she thru the night, yet? Since Audrey doesn't sleep thur the night that means I don't sleep thur the night either but I'm surprisingly ok with that.

I recently read an article featuring my new hero Mayim Bialik where she mentioned embracing the lack of sleep. It is in the fighting that we can turn it into a negativity. She also mentioned finding support and/or a supportive group. She is so right! I don't mind the lack of sleep; I know it is part of motherhood. I'm also so on the whole find support thing. I love my La Leche League group and miss my babywearing group from Greensboro. All moms need a group to turn to for support; this is especially true of us crunchier moms since we are usually the only crunchies we even know. Thank God for the internet! I highly recommend and the mother of the crunchy boards We are not as alone as we feel.
So back to sleeping, the measure of a good mom is not how long your baby sleeps at night. Every baby is different and Doctor so and so's plan may not be right for you and your baby. So embrace your sleep whether you get 2 hours or 8 and forget the advice of those that go against your instincts.

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  1. mine sleeps sometimes thru the night.. but most of the days he wakes up at 3 or 4 or 5 and I have to feed him.. The problem with him used to be his diaper, but since switching to cloth he no longer wakes up all wet, but I think he got used to waking up in the middle of the night..Plus! he hears the ants playing outside in the yard and that doesn't help either