Sunday, January 9, 2011


So with all of the new information on the vaccine/autism link or lack thereof plus Audrey's 1 year old doc appointment vaccines have been on my mind. I'm thinking I might have to turn in my crunchy card after this post but we'll see.

I am in favor of vaccines. Before you judge let me explain. I am a delay-vaxer. DH is also in favor of delayed vaxing. I think to some extent we are select vaxers. The doctor is trying to convince us that we should do the vax for chicken pox, so far we are not buying it.

I am in favor of vaccines because they can keep kids safe. I don't want Audrey to suffer from a preventable disease like polio. I don't want to look back and see that I could have saved her life with a shot. I know the likelihood of coming across a person with polio and then Audrey contracting it are small but the chance is there. While I don't normally go with the medical establishment, I have to say that some vaccines are good. Are all the vaccines necessary? I'm thinking no and I don't like the schedule at all. But for our family, some vaccines with extra spacing and time in-between (and not in combo) is right. I also think that since I work with the public with alot of recent arrivals from other countries not having vaccines is just taking a risk.