Thursday, May 26, 2011

The great baptism debate

So I'm Catholic and in theory so is Audrey.  DH is not Catholic.  He was raised Baptist but is currently without church.  I like most cradle Catholics was baptized as a baby.  Audrey is 17 months old and is still not baptized.  This is a point of debate for DH and I.

DH is actually okay with us baptizing Audrey.  I've been the issue to this point.  See a few months back DH and I were debating circumcision for any future sons; DH is pro-circ and I am anti-circ.  We reached a compromise!  DH said that if our sons were going to choose to be circ-ed later in life then they should also be able to choose to be baptized.  I can live with that.  If I want my future sons to make the decision to be circumcised then I can understand that they should also choose to be baptized.

But this leaves the issue of the girls and right now Miss Audrey.  If the boys get to choose then shouldn't Audrey?  I grew up with visions of choosing baptismal gowns that would be passed down to grandchild.  But should I really impose that on Audrey?  I love being Catholic.  I have my issues but I like going to Mass.  I love the prayers and the rituals.  Audrey goes to church with me.  Audrey has missed Mass maybe twice since we started going out at week 3 postpartum.  If I go, Audrey is with me.  The kid is Catholic.  One of her words is "Amen" and she knows to say it at the end of a prayer.  She is learning to cross herself and hold her hands together to pray.  Does she need to be baptized at this point in her life? 

At first I didn't get Audrey baptized because we lived so far from family.  They missed my whole pregnancy.  They missed newborn Audrey.  I wanted them there for her baptism.  We have also been at an impass over Godparents.  Who do we chose?  We knew very few practicing Catholics and even less that we would trust with Audrey's religious life.  So I have no clue what to do.  I am praying and staying open to God's plan and hoping for guidance.  I feel like the window for baptizing her is closing.  If we wait til she's 3 then why not just wait til she wants to be baptized.  I just don't know!

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