Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wheatless no more?

So on Tuesday, Audrey saw an allergist.  I was not impressed with the doctor and I was most certainly not impressed with hour long wait.  You could tell the doctor doesn't work with many little children.  But anyways, as part of the visit Audrey was subjected to allergy testing, the one where they rub the allergens on you.  She did not react to a single one.  Not one! 

Good news?  I've been processing the news for a bit.  The doctor has ordered blood allegry tests.  She said that food allergens can hide in the blood and not show up in the other kind of testing.  We are still avoiding wheat until we know for sure.  The doctor also said that Audrey has very senstive skin and dry skin so we need to lotion her twice a day everyday.  My parents took the news as a good sign.  They have a normal grandchild.  I think they are making plans for a "real" cake.  I still worry about her.  The eczema is still real.  The gas pain in the middle of the night is still real.  What is the cause? 

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  1. My little girl clearly had issues with soy yet its never shown up on an allergy test. Our Paediatric allergist said that allergy tests under 2 are very unreliable but never questioned the intolerance. She's 21months now and the reaction is getting much more manageable. She also diagnosed asthma which is apparently closely ties in with reflux and food allergies/intolerance. Treating the asthma has given her great relief, even with the stomach issues.

    You are her mother and your instincts will tell you much more than an allergy test at this point. Feel free to challenge your elimination diet now though, you could be presently surprised:)