Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bursitis of the hip

So the official diagnose is bursitis of the hip.  Doc gave it a more specific name but I didn't catch it enough to repeat it.  I know it's the top bursa not the lower bursa (whatever that means).

I really like my doctor.  She is super down to earth.  She's a breastfeeding mom and a runner so she totally gets me.  Never had a doctor that got me before.  She gave me three options: 1. 800 mg ibuprofen/3x daily + rest (2 weeks) 2. Oral steroids 3. Steroid shot in the hip with a huge needle.  After much discussion with doc, I went with option 1.  I'm not a take meds kinda girl but huge needles and steroids sound like overkill.  Hopefully I won't have to turn to the other options in two weeks time.

The problem with having a diagnose is access to the internet.  I've been searching non-stop for the last few hours and it's freaking me out!  So many people talking about pain for years!  Pain even after treatment and surgery.  Martha needs to lay off the internet searching and just rest.  So the question is this does bouncing a toddler count as high-impact exercise?  I was rocking Audrey to sleep, which requires bouncing her in a mei-tai, and I had a bit of shooting pain in my hip.  I guess I should have asked doc.  Oh well, maybe I'll call doc and ask. 


  1. I've had bursitis in my hip and knees and had the shots. Shots didn't help, but physical therapy did. They gave me a few exercises I could do at home and that made a world of difference.

  2. So far the rest and Advil have helped. It's not gone all the way but is so much better. It had gotten to point of not being able to lay down.