Monday, September 19, 2011

Diva Cup for me

So I started the project to green my period about 7 months ago.  I had a two part reason for it. 

One, I was sick of the accidents.  I'm 31 years old and I'm still having accidents like a 15 year old.  I mean seriously, it's embarrassing.

Two, I was a bit jealous of Audrey's cloth diapers.  I was sitting on a plastic pad five days a month and she was on comfy on soft cotton.  Surely I can get that comfy feeling too.

My first step was the Instead Cup.  I could buy it at the store and go.  I liked it okay.  You can read my full review here.

My next step was to bite the bullet and buy a Diva Cup.  I say bite the bullet because I had to go online and order it.  I decided to order from Luna pads so that I can support a small business and to get a package deal of a Diva Cup and a couple of Luna pantyliners.  I wanted to slowly wade into the land of mama cloth (cloth pads). 

I have been using the Diva Cup for about 5 months now.  I love it!  When I first opened the package, I thought wow this is so small!  Then I tried to use it and then I was like wow this thing is huge!  In truth with a bit of practice, I've mastered the Diva Cup.  It did take a bit of practice but after one cycle I would say I had it down; unlike with the Instead cup where I have yet to get it in the right place.  I will say if you want to have sex during Aunt Flow's visit, you'll want to go with an Instead since you can insert it up high.  The Diva Cup sits in the vagina so there is no room for other visitors unless you remove it.  My only real complaint about the Diva cup is that it doesn't have an easy way for me to tell when I have rotated it.  I would love if it had just a couple of numbs so that I can tell if I have rotated or not.  For the most part, I can tell but still it would be nice.

The only accidents I've had since my switch are when I don't listen to my body.  It sounds strange but I can tell when I need to empty my cup.  On my heavy day, I have to empty three times.  I actually only use the Diva Cup for the first three days of my cycle.  With the Diva cup, my day 4 is next to nothing so I just use a cloth pad.  My cramps are gone.  I've cut a day off my period from 5 to 4. 

For me there has been no down side to switching.  I can't image going back to plastic pads.  I also recently got a stash of mama cloth from a WAHM so I'm set with my green period.  I'm so glad I switched.  I can't believe it took me so long to go green.

I have not been paid for this review.  The folks at Diva Cup, Luna Pads, and Instead Cup have no clue who I am.  I'm going green and sharing. 


  1. Thanks so much for your review! We found it via Twitter and think it is great!!

  2. Thank you Stef! I love the Diva Cup so I'm happy to share.