Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Girl power

So as of late I have been thinking a lot about why I decided to play bass. I mean not like I've grown up with super women bassist. Outside of the Go-Gos and the Bangles, are there any women bassist on stage? I found a list of top 100 rock bass players and there are like 3 women on it, see for yourself.

So why the bass? The answer is pretty simple, I met a female bassist and she kicks ass. She goes by Medusa and plays for the the Rusty Shacklefords. I've had the chance to see them perform several times and each time is she kicks ass. Sometimes she's totally glam and others low key but always kick ass. I want to do that. I want that confidence. I want my daughter to see me do that. I also go to see No Love Less, they too have a kick ass woman on the bass. I want to be the kick ass woman on the bass.

Anyways back to Ravebaby. She as of late wants to play bass. She says, "I play bass!" And will run to grab her plastic guitar. It is not weird to her. Chicks on guitar is nothing new but it seems the bass and drums are the final frontier. I want my daughter to be anything she wants. I want her to not stop and think about it but just know she can be it. I know the bass is a small thing but every stereotype that she sees busted is another one that doesn't keep her from reaching for the stars. Be president, be a doctor, be the best drummer ever, be the best rock bassist ever just never let the idea that it's not what girls do stop you!

Ravebaby on stage with The Rusty Shacklefords. She is copying Medusa's rocker stance!

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