Thursday, May 28, 2009

Early Pregnancy is a bitch

The nausea is horrible! My mom and my aunt never had nausea so I excepted that I too would enjoy the first trimester of my first pregnancy vomit and nausea free. I forgot that I'm not carrying a Mexican baby, I'm carrying a half-Mexican baby who apparently hates limes. For the most part I've only had nausea but when I enjoy a lime-based drink vomit follows! How am I suppose to not have limes? Again, I'm Mexican. I love limes. I put lime on everything. Next I'll find out that Bud hates watermelon and then I'll be perfectly screwed over by my biracial spawn.

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  1. pregnancy is part of life while girls always deserve for something good for health and Ebastine during pregnancy and few month ago i was got pregnancy, got many test of blood test and other and all that is fine anyway congratulations for it.