Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm a mommy to be!

I'm 6 weeks along in my first pregnancy. I'm tired! We haven't told many people yet. Not quite sure what we are waiting for. We plan to tell our parents this weekend! We thought it would be a nice surprise for our mothers on Mother's Day. This would be the 5th grandchild for each of our parents!

Despite being married for over 7 years, we are the last ones in our families to have a child. Right now, we are just thankful that God has given us this great and awe-inspiring task.
I've not been much of a blogger before but this feels like an important thing to chronicle. I've even been writing in a pregnancy journal! My thoughts are not deep but maybe some day my child will think they were interesting.

Yesterday my husband decided to call our baby "Bud" since that is all it has right now, according to the books we reading. We'll get our first full prenatal check-up on May 18th. Then we'll hear more about Bud. I can't hardly wait!

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