Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home Birth

Our dream of having a home birth are closer to coming true. We are talking to a midwife that we like and feel that we can trust. She is a Hollins girl! She has extensive training and has been to over 100 births. We are still in the talking phase since we have to figure out the cost and how to pay the midwife. If we have a hospital birth the the insurance will cover most of it but they cover nothing if we go with a home birth. I'm pretty sure that a home birth is cheaper than an a hospital birth but they cover one and not the other.
We are finding that we are having problems with the family. Ray's side is not very supportive about it. I haven't talked to my mom yet but I'm sure she won't be against since so many of the woman in my family have had home births. We'll see. I can't believe that his family is so against it. I think the shocking part was that they think that we haven't researched and really thought about this decision. Anyone that knows Ray and I knows that we don't do anything without research and really thinking about it. I'm not anti-hospital but why risk the flu and unnecessary interventions? So far, I'm in good health, Bud is doing well so we are good candidates for home birth. If Bud is breech or some other complication comes up then we'll head to the hospital. I'm not trying to risk my baby or my health which is why having the baby in my own home is such a great option! Nothing is set in stone yet and hopefully we'll work it all out.

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