Monday, September 28, 2009

Can I handle the pain?

Since I have several friends who are pregnant or have recently had a baby, they too are blogging and asking questions to the on-line community. It is interesting to read the responses that they get. There are actually a couple of other pregos out there that want to do the natural thing. I'm surprised that there is actually not that much support out there for going natural. Many people have expressed the need to let the doctors takes over and just trust your doctor. Some people have the idea that there is pain medication for a reason and you should take it.
I'm beginning to wonder if I am missing something. Haven't women been doing this for hundreds of years without pain medication? If the pain was too much to handle I don't think the human race would still be here. Surely my body can handle the pain. How long can it last? Five days at most? The pain won't be forever. But I think the whole idea of giving all of my trust over to my doctor is the most disturbing idea. I trust my doctor but questions need to be asked at each step and with each intervention. Besides, my doctor is limited by the hospital. The hospital sets rules and the doctor has to follow them. Martha is not obligated to follow anything the hospital wants so Martha better be paying attention and asking questions.
I'm scared of the hospital. People go in healthy and come out dead. All I want to do is have a healthy baby so the hospital seems like a super scary place. I'm due in the dead of winter and the height of flu season. There will be lots of sick people all over the hospital. I guess I just don't want to leave with something besides my baby, you know like the flu.
So anyways, we are meeting with a midwife on Thursday. This one is local! I'm excited. I like the first midwife we interviewed but she is two hours away. Again being due at the end of December, I'm thinking weather might be a factor. We'll see who we like best and move forward from there. The doula search is not moving forward very quickly but I'm hoping the local midwife might have some names for me. So much to do and think about.

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