Friday, October 2, 2009

We have a midwife

I think last night was some of the best sleep both Ray and I have gotten. I don't think we realized how much the issue of finding a midwife was really weighting on us.
I think you have to let the Lord lead you and you will be given exactly what you need. We were led to Debbie. We meet with and talked to Debbie for over an hour yesterday. She is exactly what we were looking for, a comforting presence and an experienced midwife. She told us of the most common complications she has seen and what she has done to handle the situation. She has a very nurturing aura and I think with her help I can bring Baby Bud into the world in the comfort of my own home.
We have our first prenatal exam with her next week. So I'll be being seen by my Ob/Gyn and Debbie. I don't think you can really have too much prenatal care and we think that if the worst does happen and we have to transfer (and have time) then we'll already have a relationship with the hospital.
It's hard to believe that I'm at 27 weeks! Baby Bud is moving and kicking around like crazy. It is fun to call Ray over and have him lay his hands on the baby and feel the movements. I'm surprised by how strong the kicks feel. The heartburn isn't fun but it's a small price to pay. Strangely the part I'm really struggling with is eating. I'm not really hungry and it's hard to force myself to eat. I think eating breakfast and eating in the middle of the night are the hardest. I'm not a snacker normally so the this whole eat every few hours is tough!

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