Thursday, October 15, 2009

Went to the doctor today . . .

We saw the doctor today. I was shocked to find that I had gained 5 lbs in one month! I guess it's normal to put weight on at this stage. The doctor and nurse seemed to indict it was ok. I think the most interesting part was the visit itself. We had our first meeting with Debbie last week and she made sure we knew everything that was going on and why she was asking. The doctor didn't ask me anything and didn't really seem in the mood to talk. I know he was tired. I was the last appointment of the day. He had a long surgery earlier that day but that's not my fault and I'm a first-time mom so I would like some attention. Last time I was in the office, I came home to find a message about starting iron pills, this visit he didn't even bring it up. I had to ask if I need to continue taking the pills. When I mentioned the morning sickness was back, he said it was just reflex and that I need to elevate my head in bed. Like I said the visit was short and it felt short. I was also informed that I have to start coming in every two weeks! Man I hope the doc is in a better mood next time.

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