Friday, October 23, 2009

"OMG, Momma has belly worms"

Well I've blogged several times about my dogs Snoopy and Jasmin. Today, we'll talk about Snoopy! I have always treated my dogs like babies. I love to snuggle with them and often have them in my lap. Jasmin is not one to relax in my lap. If she's in my lap, she wants to lick my face, which is not my favorite thing. Snoopy on the other hand will get in my lap, flip over and happily take a long belly rub.
So yesterday, Snoopy decided to be a good dog and let momma give him belly rub. He was all relaxed with his head on my baby belly. He was so cute! But then the baby started to move. At first Snoopy just seemed confused and then he was terrified! He jumped off of me and ran to the other side of the couch. My dog is scared of my baby!
Ray tells me to think of it from his perspective. He was relaxed and then something started moving in momma's belly. To him, I just have a deadly case of belly worms or something equally terrible. The dog has been avoiding me and looking at me with a sad look on his face. I'm not too sure what to do. I don't want Snoopy to be scared of the baby but I don't think I can really explain to him that I have a baby, which is a good thing, not worms in my belly.

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