Monday, September 21, 2009

Homebirth hiccup

Well in talking about planning a homebirth, I have hit a bit of a snag. It has to do with my backup hospital. The hospital is like a 5 min walk from our house. So it's not a worry about making it to the hospital on time but I am worried about the level of care I would receive. That was the reason we chose to go to North Carolina for our Ob/Gyn, to avoid DRMC.
This weekend there was a huge write up in the newspaper about how horrible DRMC really is. People discussed 8-hour waits in the ER. If something were to go wrong, DRMC is the hospital we would run too. I don't know that I would have time to wait. There is part of me that is very worried that DRMC would be the reason that either I or the baby didn't make it. Long before I got pregnant, people warned me about labor and delivery at DRMC. We were told to go elsewhere if we had a choice. Now with the idea of a homebirth, I wonder if we would be better off just planning a hospital birth. To hire a doula to help me labor at home as much as possible and then just run to Eden to have the baby.
I am not against hospital births. I know doctors save lives but they cause c-sections and try to force drugs to make it easy on themselves. Right now as it stands, I'm doing well. My baby and I are good candidates for a nice normal birth so why take time away from women who need to have a c-section or need medical intervention? I believe my body can do this and I believe that I can birth my child without drugs, without an IV, eating a cheeseburger, while watching Love Actually.

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