Monday, March 15, 2010

Babywearing, it's not just for hippies!

I'm a babywearer. I didn't know it was a thing. I just figured that I didn't want people touching my baby but carrying her all day just didn't seem like something I could do so I discovered babywearing. I wrap my Moby wrap around my body, I place my baby in the hug hold and off we go.
I didn't think that people would think it was weird or that it was a new concept. I've seen lots of pictures of Mexican and African women with a baby strapped to their backs so babywearing isn't anything new. I guess it's not been a very big thing here in the US.
I love answering questions about my wrap. People stop and ask where I bought it. I think the funniest question I've had was, "Do you do it because of your culture?" I'm glad that people feel comfortable enough to ask me. I want more people to see just how wonderful babywearing can be.
I have also noticed the jealous looks I get when I have Audrey in the Moby. This is especially true at church and the mall. I see women with a baby in their arms, plus carrying their purse and diaper bags. They see me with my hands-free. Trust me, having my baby in a wrap is the only way to go. I know exactly where she is and how she is doing. I love it.
Maybe babywearing isn't for everybody but it definitely the way for Audrey and me.

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