Tuesday, December 14, 2010

how it all started/ended

So today at 6 pm EST one year ago my water broke. Did I panic? Did I head to the hospital? Nope I headed to Target! God what was I thinking?

So I was all of 37 weeks and a days and I was headed to Target to finish getting ready for the baby. I figured I still had a good two weeks and I had just been on the monitors at the hospital that morning and outside of a sleeping baby that won't move for the monitors everything was good. DH got home and we were headed to Target to finish getting things for the birth, waterhose and the such. I got up and headed to the bathroom and as soon as I stepped on the bathroom floor, I felt gush of water!

I didn't panic. I called DH and told him that my water broke call the midwife! Little did I know it would 60 hours before Bud showed her face to world and became Audrey,

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