Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday - Suspicions and Spaghetti

So Sunday I decided to get Audrey out of the house.  She stays at home with my mom and doesn't hang too much with other children so I try to get her out of the house when I can.  With the super hot Texas summer, cool places are hard to find but luckily the local mall has an indoor playland.  Off to the mall we went.

It was like any other trip to the mall.  She played and insisted I take video.  She had a grand ol' time.  After a walk around the mall, we headed back to the playland.  It was packed.  Kids everywhere!  She was having fun.  I soon as we got there I was scoping out parents and kids.  Seeing who belonged to who; checking to make sure the older kids didn't hurt Audrey or the other smaller kids.  A couple, I'm thinking a mom and son, caught my eye.  No children were going up to them.  They weren't calling after any kids.  They were just sitting there.  Part of the reason I noticed them is because they looked 'mixed' like Audrey but there were no 'mixed' children playing besides Audrey.  I noticed they were watching Audrey and me.  I got a bad feeling.  I got Audrey and we headed home.  Maybe they were super nice but tired people and just needed a place to sit (there were four benches within 10 feet).  Maybe they planned no harm to my child.  I was taking no chances.  It felt bad so we left.  Better to be over protective than have a regret.

After the mall and church, my DH had lovely gluten-free dinner for us.  Spaghetti!  Audrey and I love pasta (I know, it is so cruel).  We're lucky that we have found a rice pasta that we love from Tinkyada that I think is just like the real thing.  So we were enjoying family time with spaghetti and Udi's bread with garlic spread.  I said to DH, " you know if anyone came in right now, they won't be able to tell we are eating totally gluten-free."  It was a nice feeling to feel like a regular Americana family.  Toddler in the high chair grubbing and wearing spaghetti.  DH and I fighting over garlic bread.  We were normal.

So that was Sunday.  Suspicions and spaghetti, I wonder what the week will bring.

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  1. Tinkyada and Udi's are my favourites too.
    Bulk Barn has a really good brown rice shell pasta that is much less expensive than Tink's too.

    And the Enjoy Life Snickerdoodles cookies....mmmmm. Yum.