Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas wish list 2012

So what do I want for Christmas? I could be all "Christian" and ask for world peace. I could be all mushy and ask for my DH and Ravebaby to suddenly become allergy free. However, I'm not doing that; I want stuff!

Okay really as a kid we had plenty of Christmas' without any presents. It sucked but ultimately I learned that Christmas is not about stuff. I will never forget the first day of school after Christmas my 7th grade year. I got 5 gifts! We all took turns telling what we got and after proudly telling the class I heard that's all you got! I learned that public school kids got lots of stuff for Christmas and that I was poor. My days in Catholic school had not readied me for that! So the point is I know stuff does not make for a good Christmas. Remember I spend Ravebaby's first Christmas in the hospital being called irresponsible for having a homebirth and refusing formula. I know Christmas is family being together and being healthy.

Back to the stuff! I want a car. This will make Christmas number 5 with this on the list. One day one day. I would also like a doughnut maker. It's silly but I miss doughnuts and I need to try making gf doughnuts. I think that is it. Gift cards and cash also gladly accepted :)

Zombie Martha says give me stuff!

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