Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mamavation Monday: soda less 2013

Two weeks ago at my first Mamavation chat, BookieBoo challenged us to cut out all soda from out diets. Not diet allowed either. In the time we went wheatless I started drinking soda again as a reward to myself. I was giving up wheat so I needed something to make myself feel normal. That started me on a soda a day habit. A horrible habit and one that in the time previous to going wheatfree had been totally broken.

DH hates soda and when we got married he banned it from the house. See going to Mexico for vacations with my Grandparents meant drinking Coke. In fact for awhile it was the safest thing to drink. It was just what we drank. We would trade in the glass bottles for more soda. Rich people drank Pepsi. Soda was a safer choice to water. But this the US and water is safe to drink so I gave up sodas and would really only have it when I was out with friends. I often gave it up for Lent and would spend about 6 months of the year totally soda free.

So I had my first soda in two weeks yesterday at a party and it make me sick. Like I had detoxed and was poisoning myself again. So 2013 will be soda free. I am kicking the habit once and for all. Ravebaby was beginning to want to drink soda. She would see me with one and want one too. Ravebaby isn't going down the soda path. So its over. Soda and I are officially broken up.

Here is a link to an awesome article from Dr. Momma on the affects of soda on the body.

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  1. I gave up soda about 5 months ago. Not that I was having one every day, but the freedom of getting one was nice. It was hard, and I still crave them every now and again, but I'm so proud of myself for sticking to it. I have ice cream almost every night as my reward. Sometimes, I have too much -- but it's better than soda, I say! :)