Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gluten-free, Breastfeeding and the Hidden Village Music Festival

As you all know I am wheatfree and still nursing a 38 month old preschooler. So what does that have to do with the Hidden Village Music Festival?. Simple, you can do both at the festival!

I might talk badly about my arch-nemesis but he really is the best champion for living your life as you need to. So what? That means that despite all of the crap he gives me for being wheat-free, all of the drinks (as best as I can tell) at Standpipe are gluten-free! Unfortunately there are no gluten-free desserts. Sometimes there are some gf chips but no guarantee. Make sure you bring your own gf snacks! That is one area that Standpipe excels at, they won't shoot you any dirty looks for bringing in your own snacks. When you come down for the Festival, bring a $5 spot for a Standpipe (which is so good) and your own Udi's muffin.

For the nursing mamas out there, Standpipe is your place. They are as welcoming as Motherhood but with coffee (decaf if you need it). I think Jailbait would probably drag a person out of the Standpipe before allowing them to talk down to a nursing mom. Cover, no cover, no problem. While I am trying to wean Ravebaby and at this point don't nurse her in public much anymore, Standpipe is one of the places that I know it wouldn't be a problem. Nursing mamas buy your ticket! Piece of advice, buy your baby/toddler/nursling a pair of headphones for the more rocking shows. Ravebaby wears Babybeats.

So in short the Hidden Village Music Festival is for everyone! March 8th - 18th at Standpipe Coffeehouse, Lufkin Tx See you there.

If Birds Could Fly will be playing at Standpipe Coffeehouse on Monday March 12th. Buy your tickets today!

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