Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I got uplifted!

In so many ways, it has been an uplifting day. Today I ,ailed off my application for the Doctorate of Education program at SFASU. I am nervous and excited. I am still waiting for my GRE scores for my application to be complete. Once those are in the hands of the Graduate school, I have completed my app. Then comes the hard part, interviewing and then either acceptance or rejection. Actually the hard part will be the work but I'll cross that bridge when or if I get there.

Second uplift of the day, moving forward on the bass. Max showed me a new technique watch sounds cool and is super hard. It will take me a lot of practice but I'll get there. It will be good for the band since we are just a bass and guitar. We need a cool sound.

Last uplift of the day is literal. I got two new bras! They fit so well. My bandmate and soul sister, Rocker Wife, is starting a new boutique and I had the privilege of being the first person fitted for a new bra. They are so pretty too! Maybe if I get brave I'll post some before and afters later! :)

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  1. congrats! That is a great way to start the week!! Newest follower from Texas Bloggers! :)