Monday, February 25, 2013

#Mamavation Monday: Weight loss makes me look old

So my only complaint about weighting less is that I am losing weight in my face. Normally people would be very happy to drop their super-sized cheeks (the ones on their face) but I've had huge monster cheeks always. The problem with losing fullness in my face is that my wrinkles are showing! I know I am 33, almost 34, and that I am going to start showing the living I have done. I don't expect to look 16 forever but the wrinkles are bringing me down. I remember a good friend telling me, "gaining 10 lbs is an instant facelift." Now I look like a deflated balloon.

The funny part is of course in my line of work, teacher/librarian, looking a bit older is helpful. I can't tell you how many times people have threaten to send me to detention for walking the hall. People have this image of a librarian as old lady with grey hair so to have a 30-something as a librarian doesn't fit the image and people tend to overlook me as a real librarian. (For the record, sexy young librarian, yep that's me, lots of sex in the stacks. :) ) I stopped coloring my hair when I found out I was pregnant and really grew to like my grey, not that I have much. Now with the wrinkles beginning to show I'm thinking of going under the hood. We'll see.

On Wednesday, I have my interview for entry into a doctorate program in Education. Most EDds are older, 40+. This also gives me pause for coloring my hair. Looking older might not be such a bad thing. But I'm still not a fan of these new wrinkles. Wish me luck for my interview and I hope to announce soon if I'll be working towards becoming Dr. Wheatless Mama.

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  1. Good Luck... I have been going grey since I was 15 I blame it all on the stress....

  2. By now, you've had your interview! I hope it went really well!!

  3. Good luck with your interview!!!