Thursday, March 28, 2013

DH, shame spiral, doctorate

So it is no secret that for the last few weeks is have been in a shame spiral of sorts, really it was a body image downward spiral. However, the last six days have been nothing but fighting and sex with DH. It has been really difficult but also really good for us. It had been a long time since we had connected so deeply both emotional and physically.

In all of the fighting and fucking, we got to the whole reason I started down the shoot of a downward spiral to begin with. What started it? I am starting a doctorate of educational leadership in June. The start of the issue was his lack of enthusiasm when I got accepted. He was sleeping and I woke him up to tell him. He said oh good and went back to sleep. No hug, no great job, no I never had a doubt. Nothing! This was at the beginning of the Hidden Village Music Festival and once he got up he was out the door to Standpipe, barely a kiss for me and no mention of the doctorate. So why does it matter? He is suppose to be my cheerleader. If he doesn't care, if he is not there to share the success then . . .

I am not saying it makes much sense but since that time I lost all enthusiasm myself about the whole thing. I mean it is not like I get accepted to doctorate programs everyday but it as I'd I had been accepted to high school, just a feeling of oh well that wasn't hard so why do you want a congratulations. I mean this is really the first time I've blogged about the fact that I am going to earn a doctorate!

If you don't know DH, he is amazing. I have always been in awe of his magnetism. I am not magnetic. DH just has an aura that people are drawn to and that is part of what lead to my particular downward spiral about my attractiveness. Women have always thrown themselves at him. I have literally had to push bitches back. But I don't have that come flirt with me aura. I have personality and it only comes out if I know you, otherwise I am pretty shy.

For me I know I am a hard worker. I know I am smart. I know I am strong. When DH didn't make a big deal about the doctorate, which in my opinion is a strong showing of all those things I see in myself, it made me question what do I have to offer. If I'm not that smart or hardworking, if they just take anyone that applies then I am in fact not special. I know I am not the hottest woman in most rooms. In my mind that made me feel like I just plain old don't have anything going for me. If I am nothing then why is DH even with me? Did start dating me because he lost a bet? Is he with me out of pity? See nothing logical in this thinking. Just sharing the internal crazy dialog. It was a cascade of thinking.

DH downplayed my acceptance to the doctorate program. Then I started to notice that people don't really compliment me or flirt with me so then i felt ugly. Here is the problem feeling ugly is comfortable for me. I know this feeling. It is easy for me. I can get pruney in the pool of ugly. I know how to downplay me. I know where all of the body issues are. Once I go there, it can be too comfortable to leave.

Now I feel better. Now that I know how I slipped down then it was easy to climb out. (Good sex helps too.). I am not logical. I am a feeling person. I think the thing for me to remember is to talk it out. Feeling bad is comfortable so I can only get back to good by talking my way back. So I gotta talk more. There is my crazy on full display, go ahead judge and discuss. Me I got a doctorate to prepare for.

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