Sunday, March 24, 2013

#Mamavation Monday: Nothing but a fuck-up

So I've been nothing but a total loser for the last few weeks.  Per my usual self destructive self, I got into the Doctorate of Education program, which proves I'm smart, so I immediate went into a self-loathing of my body spiral.  Why not?  Surely the only I have is a brain so my body must suck.

I'm finding my way back.  After a few pity posts and a couple of weeks of hiding from the track, my grand plan is to get off my ass.  I know the running and working out makes me feel good about me.  I feel strong and powerful.  I feel like a sexy woman.  I need to feel like a sexy woman.  I am a sexy woman?  Anyways, not quite out of the body-loathing yet but I'm better today than last week.

I don't think I am going to meet my half-mary by my birthday goal but I know that with a little work, I can run a half-mary this year.  So I'm going for it.  I might never get rid of this spare-tire around my waist but I know that I am working towards health.  So I'm getting back to running.  God-willing I'll have miles to report for next week.

Miles run this week: 0 :(

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