Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Babies, Boobies, Mei Tais, Ring Slings and Wraps - OH MY!

So on Saturday, I had the privilege of attending the first meeting of the Triad Tot Toters.  I had a blast.  This was actually the third meeting for the group but the first as an official group.  So what is TTT?  It's a group of people, men and women, that wear their babies.  It is nice to meet up with a group of people who share my philosophy of baby raising.  Not everyone in the group believes in raising their children the same but we all agree that babywearing is where it's at!

One of the nice things about the group is that you can find someone that shares your issues, concerns, and or beliefs.  Many of us breastfeed and luckily being in a group makes me brave enough to just pull my boob out and feed Audrey in public.  Some cloth diaper and since I'm interested in moving to cloth, it gives me the chance to ask questions.  A couple EC so again I pick some brains.  One of the ladies even used the same midwife as me!  I love the Triad Tot Toters.  They give me support in all facets of child rearing not just babywearing.

I hate that now that I have 'mommy' friends I'm going to be moving.  Where will I ever find a group like this again.  I've already looked.  There is no such group in Lufkin.  The closest is a group in Houston, but I'm not sure I want to drive over 90 mins.  We'll see how it goes.  I know that I will miss them when I move.  I'll be able to keep up with them via Facebook and the webpage but I won't be able to see them in person and watch the babies grow. 

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  1. Post a craigslist ad and start one. It would be great to have such a wonderful community withing your new community. You would make a great leader.

    Hope the move goes well. Moving sucks :)