Thursday, June 3, 2010

Even after 5 months I'm still a Breastfeeding Newbie

So the other day I noticed that my afternoon pumping session was yielding a lot less milk, like down almost 2 oz.  I freaked out.  My baby!  She's going to starve!  I starting thinking what could be going on!  I emailed my Breastfeeding mentor but she's out of town so it could be a bit before I get a reply.

So I kept thinking, what is different?  What did I do before that I'm not doing now?  I think I've got it.  I stopped eating my mid-morning snack!  Ever since I was pregnant I had to get in the habit of eating breakfast and a mid-morning snack.  I"m usually on of those eat lunch and huge dinner people but that wasn't going to work for Audrey inutero or out in the real world.  I have to eat.  Maybe all the smaller meals is why I've lost 20 lbs on top of my "baby" weight, but anyways.

Yesterday I made sure to eat a mid-morning snack and guess what, I pumped back at my usual total.  I guess it's not just how many calories I eat but also when I eat them.  Most mornings I am hungry for breakfast, so that habit is easy but I'm usually not so hungry for a mid-morning snack.  That is going to take a little bit of effort on my part but in the end Audrey is worth it and if I get a smaller waistline too that isn't a bad thing.  So despite all of my knowledge, I still feel like a breastfeeding newbie.  I bet that is why groups like La Leche League exists.  Sometimes we need a little help even after the 6-week postpartum check.

Moral of the story: If you need help then ask for it.  While breastfeeding is natural, it doesn't always come naturally.  Never be afraid to ask for help and to ask questions.  No one knows it all and people are always willing to help if they know you need it.

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