Monday, June 21, 2010

First time solids

So Friday we gave Audrey solids for the first time.  We gave her bananas, well a banana.  Since we are doing baby-led weaning, I knew that this first time would be more about play than actual eating.  I wasn't worried about her filling up on banana or trying to get her to eat half or anything like that.  I just cut it up into strips and let her have at it.

Just like we expected she didn't eat very much.  She did seem to have lots of fun touching it and smashing it.  She was covered in banana!  She seemed very hesitant to put it in her mouth, which surprised me.  I mean the child had been putting everything in her mouth as soon as possible and now that I wanted her to put it in her mouth she was acting shy!  But I had to remind myself that it was about her needs and if touching was as far as she wanted to go that was ok.  She did eventually put some of it in her mouth.  I don't think banana is her favorite food but we'll see.  By the end she was a bit more willing to put it in her mouth.  I don't think very much was actually consumed but it was fun.  Guess what wordless Wednesday will be!

So we are jumping into solids now.  We've let her try carrots.  Again not much was eaten but when she spit it out the dogs jumped to the rescue and ate it.  So kind of them to clean up after Audrey!  I have noticed that she is much more into her booby time.  She seems happier and hungrier.  She latches right on and gets to work.  She is eating less frequently but where she was only eating out of one boob, she is not finishing both off.  I guess the world is just a little to interesting to be snacking all day.