Monday, April 8, 2013

Mamavation Monday: family affair

So since DH and I started trying to workout back in October, we have noticed that our number one motivator isn't each other but our 3-year-old, Ravebaby. Just about daily she'll ask to workout. If we workout while she is napping and she finds out about, she gets mad. There have been times when I workout before she gets up in the morning and she'll require we workout together. I am not a fan of working out after I just worked out but I like that she wants to get moving. It is pretty hard to tell Ravebaby no so it's a big motivator to get up and move if nothing else to keep the child from whining about wanting to work out.

Along with Ravebaby wanting to workout together, I am also finding it difficult to go out to run. I just can't kick myself into gear! I've started doing the Kenya Moore Booty Bootcamp and have a lot of fun with it. I am moving and working out but I'm not running. I am really struggling to decide what is my purpose for working out. Do I want to run a half-marry or would I rather see the changes in my body, ie losing inches? I know I want to be healthy and working out is part of that. I do like the challenge of running longer or faster but I was not seeing any changes as far as losing weight o inches. So I need to figure out the why to the working out. I'll get there for know I'm happy to moving and keep moving.

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  1. I love that you're leaving such an impression on her that she gets sad if she misses a workout session! And what you're saying makes sense - working out and moving is more important than anything else. :)