Friday, April 2, 2010

Reflection on an answered prayer

This is Holy Week. In case I haven't said it in a past blog post, I'm Catholic. So for me this is a week of church, or really three straight days. I have always loved going to church for the Tridium. I have always connected with these three days of the church year but since last year these three days have a new meaning. It was at Easter last year that my daughter was conceived.
I spent the better part of my time in front of the Holy Eucharist yesterday in tears but good tears. I was thinking about how my life had changed over the last year. I remember that I was also crying last year because I felt hopeful that I was finally going to have a baby. After a three year struggle, we were finally going to see a doctor and work on getting pregnant. We had finally turned it over to God and admitting that maybe we might have an issue with fertility. I remember praying for a baby. I prayed for a baby and a year later I have one. I can almost for sure say that I got pregnant on Holy Saturday of last year.
I"m so grateful for all the changes in my life. It's been hard but I'm glad God that answered this prayer with a baby. I know all my prayers are answered but it felt wonderful to be sitting in front of the Holy Eucharist one year later breast feeding my daughter. I felt like I had come full circle. I don't think I'll ever feel the same way about the Easter Tridium again.
Audrey has been on this Earth just about a year now. I know she's only been breathing about 4 months but she's been here since last Holy Saturday. She's been alive and the answer to my prayer.

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