Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living the wheat-free life

So far living wheat-free is not as horrible as it was when DH tried to go wheat-free back in 2004. The number one thing was the discovery of Udi's bread. I love sandwiches and the finding of a decent wheat-free bread has been a God-send! I'm still working on finding pizza.

I don't want Audrey to grow-up feeling like she is missing out. Being wheat-free shouldn't be some sort of horrible sentence. I'm finding that gluten-free items are getting better and easier to find. I've also found that finding people who are also wheat-free is so helpful. It's amazing how much easier it seems when you can ask someone for advice.

It has been great for my waistline! I've lost about 30 lbs post baby. I thinkn some of it was breastfeeding but the other part has been the diet change. One thing I haven't done is see a dietitian for advice but I figure as long as Audrey is growing then we are okay. Breastmilk is prefect food even when we don't eat perfectly.

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