Saturday, February 19, 2011

Parting ways with my pump

I have decided to stop pumping.  I"m a bit sad about this decision.  It means Audrey is growing up and that she has day weaned.  She won't take milk from a bottle.  She won't take it in a sippy cup.  Bascially I was either freezing mlik or dumping it down the drain.  Since I haven't found any local mommas in need there is no point to pumping.  I've asked other moms and they seem to indicate that my supply should be fine.  Audrey is still nursing at night and in the morning and sometimes at lunch but not always. 

I am happy to be putting away the pump.  No longer having to pump and eat or pump and work.  The pump will be going into storage until the next baby.  But I am also sad.  My pump allowed me to keep breastfeeding my baby once I returned to work.  It allowed me time to think since I had to stop and go pump.  It also means that Audre is growing up.  She wants water not milk.  I know that she still loves momma milk since that is the first thing she'll ask for after her hug once I am in the door.  I still get to snuggle and kiss while she is on the breast but she's growing up.  My baby is a toddler and before I know it a little girl then you know the rest. 

So good-bye pump.  Thank you for helping me feed my baby.  Thank you for helping me toward my breastfeeding goal.  Thank you for time to focus on Audrey.

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