Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finding local support

So I work with the public at my day job.  I get to meet so many cool people.  Nothing rocks my world more than meeting people that know where I'm coming from both as a wheatless person and as a crunchy momma.  I think it's really helpful to know you are not alone.  Yes, you can go online and find out that you are not alone.  But when you meet a person in real life, that lives where you live, it just makes you feel less alone.

I feel like less of a freak.  I've joked about starting a support group but at the same time I'm not joking.  I know there are other people who feel like I feel.  The person I met today was so interested in talking and sharing tips.  Tips that make my life easier, like where to eat and where to shop locally.  Maybe I will start a group.  I could do a group for the local wheatless folk and another for the crunchy/crunchy-ish parents.  Do you think anyone would show?

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