Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seven "Siete"

Ruby from Growing up BLACKXICAN tagged me to participate in this new Tag named Seven "Siete"
So here we go:

The rules are to share a blog post in each of the following seven categories:

#1 Most Beautiful Post

The sweetest moments

#2 Most Popular Post

Fear of Birth

#3 Most Controversial Post


#4 Most Helpful Post

Giveaways to know about

#5 A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Cloth diapering on the cheap

#6 A Post that Didn’t Get the Attention I Felt It Deserved

When you stop fighting

#7 Post I'm Most Proud Of

Shut your pie-hole Crunchy Bitch

Now to tag 7 people: (okay so I'm tagging 7 blogs worth your time)

1. Naturalmente Mama

2. Growing up Blackxican

3.The Marci Factor

4. Party of 5 and counting

5. Blacktating - no longer a good breastfeeding site :(  now it's just porn

6. The Mahogany Way

7. Mom's Depot

Go check these blogs out.  They are awesome!

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