Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 mins of running

So today was Week 4 Day 3 of my C25k challenge and it was not easy.  I really had to reach down deep inside to finish that last run.  I had to run up a hill.  I actually grunted very loudly to get up that hill.  Some lady was looking at me as I rounded the hill.  I actually did all 4 runs.  I was slow as hell but I got them down.

I am actually a bit concerned about running on Saturday.  I'm suppose to move on to Week 5, which is 3 5 min runs.  I just don't know if I can do it.   I just feel like I really really struggled to finish that 2nd 5 min run.  How can I possibly handle 3 5 min runs?  But then again I didn't think I could handle even one 5 min run and today I finished 2.  It would actually be 1 min less of running total.

This is such a mind game with myself.  I really find myself pushing myself and talking me through each run.  After all who in the world cares if I ever run again?  This is a goal/challenge I set for me and I have to do it.  In that same vein, I am beginning to find that my hip is starting to really hurt.  I'm stretching before and after each run.  I'm taking ibuprofen.  I'm swearing off high heels.  I think I need to break down and use some ice.  I am my own worst enemy.  I am my own competition.  I am my own champion.  I will do this.  Bum hip and all . . .

Pushing through song of the day: This river is wild by The Killers

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