Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Music is an experience

So yesterday I headed down to my favorite local coffee, Standpipe, and had an interesting exchange with the barista I'll call Jailbait (JB).  He was saying something about changing the music up and I replied that he could put on whatever since I would just tune it out if I didn't like it.  He got a bit indignant and said music is to be experienced.  After that he put on What is Love by Haddaway.  I like the song and I was excited.  JB then called me old.  But it did make me think not about my oldness but about the idea of music as an experience and my oldness too but anyways.

I went home and started posting youtube videos for songs that have meant something to me over the years.  This morning I woke up and remembered a test for Gardner's Multiple Intelligences that I had taken several years ago that had music as one of my top areas of intelligence. Here is the chart:
My MI chart

So I have always found it interesting that music is one of my areas since I don't play a musical instrument or sing very well but I live my life in music.  Every time and place has a song or tune attached.  People have their songs in my head.  Like DH is Crazy Love by Brian McKnight.  Audrey is All my life by K-Ci & Jojo.  My mom is Triangulo by Los Babys.  Standpipe is Start wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello.  The time DH took me to the Roanoke Science Museum is You're Beautiful by James Blunt.  Giving birth is Songbird by Eva Cassidy.  Even JB has a song, Sexy and I know it by LMFAO.

Music is an experience.  JB was right.  I always have a song in my head.  I work best if I have music on.  I have Belinda Carlisle's Greatest Hit playing even now.  Music is a must in my life.  If you see me walking around I'm usually bopping to some beat.  If I'm not careful I tend to sing out loud.  Music is an experience.

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