Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's been fun

So "Wheatless Mama" is a year old.  I still remember how hard it was to decide on a new name for my blog and to take the plunge into buying the domain.  Previous to being Wheatless Mama, the blog was just Martha-mommy-to-be.  The name no longer fit since Audrey was earthside. 

It has been a fun year of blogging about not only mommyhood but the challenges of trying to be strictly wheatless.  I've learned so much about the struggles of people with food allergies.  It has also amazed me the total crap I've been putting in my body.  The extra chemicals and additives that are in processed convenient food.  I've also learned the hard lesson of asking question and not trusting restaurants.  How can I ever forget the time we got the wheat filled milkshake? 

So from this Wheatless Mama, thank you for the all of the support and comments.  I'll try to be less of a stranger and get better about actually blogging. 

My reasons for being wheatless.

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