Friday, April 20, 2012

Big girl bed

Ravebaby is a co-sleeping baby.  With the exception of two nights, both NICU nights, she has slept next to me.  Even in the hospital stay during her UTI thing she slept with me in the hospital bed.  About 2 months ago I ended the side-car and moved the crib into toddler bed position across the room.  Ravebaby's been playing in the bed.  Jasmin (dog) has been taking naps in the bed; that's been a fun training exercise.

I have placed Ravebaby in the bed for a couple of naps but nothing consistent.  Tuesday I decided to put Ravebaby in her bed after she fell asleep.  It was a strange experience for me.  I was thinking about it while I put her to sleep in the mei tai.  Once she was out I made the decision to put her in her bed.  At first I okay and so was she.  I sat down on the bed, grabbed the computer and then I burst into tears!  I mean I just cried.  So wasn't the reaction I expected from myself.  I ran to DH who was on his computer in the other room and just sobbed into his shoulder.  Seriously, I was crying. 

DH took me back to the bedroom and reminded me that this was a big step that Ravebaby needed and we needed too.  He's right.  He's been wanting to move her out of our bed and depending on the night, I have too.  Ravebaby is not totally night weaned so I've been resisting but I heard several moms mention putting their child in a toddler bed in the room and letting the kid come back into the big bed at the first night nursing.  So I went for it.  Ravebaby stayed in her bed for 2 hours then woke up and walked over to our bed and went right to sleep again.  I watched her like a hawk while she was in her bed.  It worked well.  No crying barely any waking. 

So I'm going to keep trying put Ravebaby in her own bed.  The last two nights it's only been for an hour.  She tends to move around a lot and once she feels her leg hanging off the edge of her bed she wakes up and moves to our bed.  Last night was hard since she fell asleep in our bed.  I did let her get into a deep sleep before I picked her up and moved her.  Again she was only in her bed for an hour but we'll get their. 

I have to admit I like having the bed adults only even if it is just for an hour.  I'm not ready to push for her to totally night wean or push her to sleep in her own bed all night but we are both taking baby steps.  She is growing up so quickly. 


  1. How exciting! This is a big step Little lady has been on her own for a while however with the constant traveling between dad and I we recently gave in and have had her come back to our bed when the other isn't around. It's been a tough routine to break her from. I am sure things will work out slowly but surely so excited for you!

  2. Thank you Ruby, good to know that other momma have the same issues. On TV the baby is in their own room from day one. I'm not that mother so where do we turn for help? I love my circle of blogging moms!