Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm a chess groupie

So Saturday I watched DH beat someone (Jailbait [JB]) at chess.  It was the first time I had ever seen him actually play the game.  DH has been playing chess since he was a kid.  He has tried several times over the years to teach me.  I've tried a few times to actually learn.  I can't seem to remember how the pieces move and worse yet I see nothing on the board.  Seriously, DH has described being able to just look at the board and see moves and set moves and other crap about moving pieces.  I see the squares and that is it.  No moves, no cool tricks not even how to lose quickly so I can quit playing.

Really I have no clue what is going on when it comes to chess.  Saturday's game has been a long time in coming.  JB always has his chess board and plays people at Standpipe all the time.  DH has been wanting to get back into playing chess but there never seemed to be a good time for them to go head-to-head that and Cameragirl (an old high-school friend) had warned DH off of playing.  She told us that JB was a shark.  It is also my understanding that chess takes a long time to play and Ravebaby doesn't like to sit for long periods.

Saturday we were downtown and Standpipe wasn't very busy so the battle was set.  DH said that JB is actually very good anyone else he would have beat in a few moves.  Again I know nothing so judge I cannot.  The game took about an hour but JB was working so between eating lunch and running around making lattes the battle raged.  Pieces traded back and forth.  Eyebrows furrowed.  Quips were traded.  At one point JB started rapping; it was my suggestion for distracting DH.  Near the end "Under pressure/Ice ice baby" was hummed.  Then a huge explosion of people wanting coffee and a Ravebaby in need of a nap.  DH did not finish JB off.  My bet guess is that DH did have the win since most young men insists on getting the kill and since JB just let DH walk off it must have been over in DH's favor.

It was amazing and yet a little weird that I found it such a turn on to watch the game.  Really seeing DH just using his wits and going for a kill.  DH and I are super competitive.  We are so competitive with each other that Connect Four is banned in our house. Games of Trivial Pursuit last hours and hours, neither one of us wants to give even an inch.  Neither one of us is competitive in physical feats.  DH has a bad back and knees and I'm just lazy but when it comes to using your brain.

As I said to DH, it's a good thing I never hung around chess tournaments and/or that DH is a good player since apparently I like to go home with the winner.  It's fun to find new aspects to our attraction to each other.  We've been a couple for 16 years but it never gets old.  I'm thinking there will be more chess games in our future.  I think I might learn to like the game after all.

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  1. The Steeler fan in the house will be happy to know that you have become a chess groupie ... He and the boy will play from time to time and even the Princess will pull ou the chess board to challenge him ... Me not so much, but it is fun to watch them play. Should I have a chess board set up at the reception?