Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm a super loser at life

Okay not really but I haven't run in nearly a week!  I had a fubar on Thursday's C25k.  I accidentally turned the app off and didn't realize it until after I had run a mile.  I was so mad!  I just left the gym in total disgust with myself.  I ran a 1 mile for nothing!  So the wrong attitude to have. 

After a bit of reflection I realized that i lost focus.  I'm doing C25k.  My mile time should not be my focus, which is how I turned the app off to begin with, I was trying to check my 1/3 mile time and then again at 1 mile.  Fast is not the point!  Just running for the 30 mins and then I can worry about the 3 mile time.  I've got 18 days to get my ass in gear and be ready to run a 5k.

I'm running tomorrow.  I have to.  I need to.  I need the stress relief.  I need the runner's high.  I need to accomplish a goal.  I have 2 days of C25k left.  I can do this!

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